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Connecting with customers and Sales Channel Partners (SCPs) today isn’t about deals and contracts. It’s about building accountability, trust and respect. The Business Development team channels ViTrox’s products and solutions to customers and SCPs all around the world.

We bridge solutions to the needs.

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As part of a team focused on building good connections with customers, you’ll introduce them to the ViTrox products and solutions that help them optimise their operational processes. Or you might work with local and overseas businesses to connect them with the tools they need to build success.

Areas of work include Business Development and Product Marketing in machine vision system, automated board inspection and Electronics Communication Systems.

Meet our Business Development Team

Fahmi Helmi
Business Development Manager, ViTrox Technologies
(Joined in 2011)

There are family-like bonds among our people. Although the family has expanded now, the feeling is still the same. We are given the freedom to explore various possibilities with people from different teams. Based on my experience, I cannot find anywhere else as peaceful and harmonious as here.

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Ashwini Ann A/P Davidson
Business Development Engineer, ViTrox Technologies
(Joined in 2018)

It is a pride to work for a Malaysian company. I spent more than half-decade overseas to pursue my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. I observed their patriotism toward their national brands and cultures when I was there. Coming back to Malaysia, I wanted to use my Korean language proficiency and, at the same time, realise my passions in physics and engineering. To me, joining ViTrox is the beginning of cultivating a Malaysian pride and brand.

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Current Vacancies
Business Development Engineer

Batu Kawan, Penang

Product Marketing Engineer

Batu Kawan, Penang

Business Development Executive

Batu Kawan, Penang

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