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Since the founding of ViTrox Corporation Berhad in 2000, we have endeavoured to develop innovative products and sustainable solutions for our customers and stakeholders. We believe that being a force for good contributes to a positive societal change and a lasting difference to our community, the environment and your career.

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I joined ViE Technologies as the first process/quality engineer. Over the past nine years, I have designed manufacturing processes after the launch of New Product Introduction (NPI) and solved various process issues by finding root causes and implementing corrective and preventive actions. We constantly work to enhance the machinery, manufacturing and assembly processes. My biggest achievement in this journey was completing a critical project that eliminated the corrosion issue of the product and improved its yield from 40% to 100%.

- Siti Sarah binti Osman -
Manufacturing Asst. Manager, ViE Technologies

(Joined in 2013)

Being a Research & Development (R&D) engineer, I enjoy the process of designing things from scratch. Usually, when I encounter obstacles, my mentor and team members will voluntarily give advice and suggestions. Redoing is very common in R&D projects, and it’s also through the feedback loop I learn the most.

- Mohamad Norhafifi bin Md Hanif -
Research & Development Engineer, ViTrox Technologies

(Joined in 2019)

ViTrox makes us always feel at home. There are family-like bonds among our people. Although the family has expanded now, the feeling is still the same. We are given the freedom to explore various possibilities with people from different teams. Based on my experience, I cannot find anywhere else as peaceful and harmonious as here.

- Fahmi Helmi -
Business Development Manager, ViTrox Technologies

(Joined in 2011)

In 2012, I stepped into ViTrox for the first time as an intern at the business unit MVST. The experience was rewarding and the growing opportunity available at the company made me decide to come back to join the ViTrox family officially.

- Lau Zhi Wei -
Research & Development Senior Engineer, ViTrox Technologies

(Joined in 2013)

Females are not limited to non-technical roles; we are capable of managing engineering jobs. I was an engineer before transitioning to business development. When I joined the company 12 years ago, there were less than five female engineers in the team. Over the years, I see more and more females joining the rank, no matter in R&D, manufacturing or technical support. I had encountered customers who had doubts about me representing the company for site support, but I gained their trust ultimately with my capabilities of solving their problems.

- Tan Piet Gek -
Product Marketing Manager, ViTrox Technologies

(Joined in 2010)

I have a wide range of interests, and ViTrox is the perfect platform to feed my thirst for knowledge and learning. From being an intern two years ago, I have grown into a research executive and a college student affairs officer at ViTrox Academy. I am a part-time student pursuing a master’s degree; simultaneously, I am involved in managing all aspects and functions of my team; from applying for a license for educational programmes, developing the V-Makerspace, and many more!

- Moo Keng Hao -
Research Executive, ViTrox Academy

(Joined in 2020)

It is a pride to work for a Malaysian company. I spent more than half-decade overseas to pursue my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. I observed their patriotism toward their national brands and cultures when I was there. Coming back to Malaysia, I wanted to use my Korean language proficiency and, at the same time, realise my passions in physics and engineering. To me, joining ViTrox is the beginning of cultivating a Malaysian pride and brand.

- Ashwini Ann A/P Davidson -
Business Development Engineer, ViTrox Technologies

(Joined in 2018)

ViTrox is my first career job in engineering. When I came in, there was an opportunity to lead a small team. I have been trusted and given the responsibility to manage resources and source for talents. As a manufacturing engineer, I work to scale new products to volume production and constantly improve the production process to achieve higher speed, lower price and better quality.

- Andrew Yap Jiun Herng -
Manufacturing Senior Engineer, ViTrox Technologies

(Joined in 2019)

ViTroxians will always find me selling vegetables around lunchtime. However, what I do every day is far beyond that. I manage food decomposition and work on experimental on-campus fruit tree cultivation to provide a nutritious meal to ViTroxians. With the freedom and flexibility given by my manager, I am able to carry out any experiment.

- Choi Yu Nen -
People Culture (Shared Services) Engineer, ViTrox Technologies

(Joined in 2021)

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