Our ViTroxians Say

Mohamad Norhafifi bin Md Hanif
Research & Development Engineer, ViTrox Technologies

Being a Research & Development (R&D) engineer, I enjoy the process of designing things from scratch. I am currently part of the R&D hardware electrical team. To create or innovate something, we draw the wiring diagram, identify the electrical components to be used, lay out the control panel and test the prototype. This is the most challenging but rewarding part because we may fail in our experiments. Usually, when I encounter obstacles, my mentor and team members will voluntarily give advice and suggestions. Redoing our work is very common in R&D projects, and it’s also through the feedback loop I learn the most.

One thing I love about ViTrox is the friendly work environment where my team members are not reserved in sharing their knowledge and offering support. Every morning at 9:30 a.m., all R&D hardware team members will get together to share our accomplishments and request for any help needed. The team is always there to support each other, and I appreciate that practice.

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