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Lau Zhi Wei
Research & Development Senior Engineer, ViTrox Technologies

In 2012, I stepped into ViTrox for the first time as an intern with the business unit Machine Vision System - Tray-based (MVS-T). The experience was rewarding, and the growing opportunity available at the company made me decide to come back to join the ViTrox family officially.

I spent four years with the Centre of Excellent for Machine Vision (CoE MV) before I switched to work for MVS-T. The job scope between both departments were different where the former enabled me to develop platforms for business units and the latter gave me the experience to work directly with customers to solve their problems.

Dealing with customers is not easy, as I’m a quiet person who doesn’t talk much. I forced myself to be out of my comfort zone to learn how to calmly work with various types of customers, despite their temperaments and levels of expectations. I knew it was a necessary breakthrough in my own personality because I wanted to learn about the real needs of customers and deliver better products and services to them.

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